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Kings Haven Farm Products

Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs

Farm  Fresh Eggs are now available at $3.00 /dozen.

Chicks and Laying Hens

1 - 7 Days Old $3.00 each or 4 for $10

7 - 30 Days Old $6.00 to $8.00 each

Red Ranger, and Cornish X Rocks Meat Chickens

Farm fresh, free range, Antibiotic and Steroid free chickens are available several times a year.  These birds are typically in the 4 - 8 lbs range after processing.  Please place your orders now for Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2017.  These are available in limited quantities so that we ensure the birds have plenty of pasture and are not overcrowded.  I will meet you at the processor of your choice with the chickens or you can pick up live chickens directly from the farm.  

Farm Fresh Pork (Steroid and Antibiotic Free)

We are now taking orders for Fall / Winter 2017 Pork, we will be selling Whole Hog, Half Hog, or Pork boxes by the pound.  

Prices will range from $4.00 and up per lbs. Depending on cuts and quantity.

We currently have USDA Processed Freezer Pork Available starting at $5.00/ lbs

Price List

Spring 2017 Piglets:

Spring Piglets: Place your orders now!  We are already selling out for Spring 2017

Spring Piglets are $75 - $125 each

We will be breeding our mixed breed Yorkshire, Berkshire, and Spotted Poland China’s again!

Check out the Photos section to see the Boar and Sows.